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Perfect Collar For Dogs

The dog collar is not just an accessory, but a very indispensable daily tool for your dog, whether your dog is an apartment dog or a large dog who is used to his garden, or walks all by yourself and go in like a big one.

The dog collar is very important to you and your companion as it provides several features.

Here are some useful tips for not getting it wrong and making the right choice.

How to get the right size of dog collar?

Finding the right size collar for your dog is not easy since there are many models, various sizes, and materials.

The collars can be made of leather, imitation leather, nylon, canvas, and rubber. Prefer the solid and resistant like leather, nylon, so that the collar has a longer life.

In addition, some materials such as canvas and nylon are ideal for sensitive dogs of the skin.

To choose the right size, it is advisable to measure the dog’s neck with a tape measure and add 1.5 cm to this measurement so that the collar is not too tight.

If you have a puppy, it is important to get used to it. To choose it, do the same operation and add more than 5 cm so that the collar follows the growth of the animal.

Do not hesitate to change him before he tightens his neck.

If you own a small dog, choose instead a thin collar. Conversely, for a large dog, it is advisable to take a large

Conversely, for a large dog, it is advisable to take a large enough, the latter will be more reliable.

A necklace is still good for your dog to always wear his medal (with your contact engraved on it!).

The first thing to remember is that the necklace is a sign of identity for the dog, if this necklace is equipped with a medal, the dog will be returned to its owner in case the dog gets lost or well goes astray or runs away.

For a good fit, measure the neck circumference with a meter, it is necessary to provide for the passage of a finger between the collar and the neck.

With a nylon collar on a leash, puppies or dogs can also easily get rid of it’s bad adjusted around the neck or if your dog has neck and head about the same width; it’s harder to slip when a dog has a wider head.

It is also possible that the collars of a poor quality break at the level of the closing clip. Pay attention to the locking system.

There are really sturdy clips, even plastic ones, but if you’re worried, there are also aluminum closures.

Nylon collars sometimes have polyester when they have decorations. Neoprene is often used for linings. This creates padding for added comfort.

It is true that today we will find necklaces designed for more comfort but if your dog pulls hard and often, think it still supports a relatively sensitive place.