Fastest Dog Breeds

One of the fascinating things about dogs is the tremendous variety of existing breeds, with different qualities and characteristics.

Some dogs are incredibly strong, others are small and cute. Other dog breeds are extremely energetic, while some tend to be lazier.

Today we will get to know a little more about the fastest dogs in the world.


Surely the fastest dogs breeds, it is no surprise to hear that the fastest dogs in the world are the Galgos.

In full swing, they can travel at 69.2 kilometers per hour. Because of this quality of the race, many people use them in dog races.

Greyhound racing is a very popular sport in the United Kingdom, where dogs chase an artificial hare around a track and players can bet on the winner.


The Saluki is famous for being used as a hunting dog by the nomadic tribes, where then there was not much prey that could beat him in a race on foot.

The Salukis have a body shape very similar to the Borzois. Both races originated in Russia. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, the world’s fastest Saluki can travel at 68 kilometers per hour. His heavily padded feet carry enormous pressure outside his body that allows him to maintain these speeds at much longer distances than his fast companions.


Whippet is a highly energetic race that can reach a maximum speed of 64 kilometers per hour.

Although it is not the fastest breed, it is common to argue that it can beat any dog on a track, since its small size allows for superior acceleration and spin speeds. Because of its high energy, it also stands out in many canine sports.


Borzoi also knew as the Russian Lobero is a large breed and also one of the quietest. It is rare that he can bark and has a calm temperament, so he does not have much of a guard dog, which is a pity, as he can cover great distances in record time. In fact, the word “Borzoi” means ” fast ” in Russian.


The speed of a border collie is one of the main reasons why it is used as a shepherd dog. It has been registered at a speed higher than 48 km / h, but what is perhaps more impressive is its ability to turn at the corners without losing speed.

It is this ability coupled with his iron determination, which allows him to belong to the select group of the fastest dogs in the world.

The owners of any of these breeds and those who think they have a fast dog should know that they must take great effort to make sure they burn all their excess energy.

A short walk is not enough, the ideal is to establish routines or speed games.